Strart Tracking

Track Your Vehicle Anywhere ... Anytime ...

Secure Track

Secure Track offers real-time monitoring

Secure Track is an ideal anti-theft and vehicle tracking solution for individuals offering proactive, early warning technologies that allow us to identify potential dangers in the quickest possible time. Based on GPRS / GPS / GSM, Secure Track offers real-time monitoring and quickest possible assistance from our central control room. With advanced features and proprietary technology, Secure Track can pin point the location of a vehicle to closest proximity, not yet achieved with any other hardware.

Lease Guard

Location and activity information about leasing vehicles

Zultrack, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, has introduced wide array of Telematic applications catering large base of industrial clients, corporate and fleets. Among these applications, Lease GuardTM is most critical. Leasing companies invest huge sum of money to provide services to the clients ranging from an individual to corporate. With growth in this segment,...

Rental Guard

activity information about rental vehicles

Rental Guard is an economical, GPS Location Based Service (LBS) designed to meet the needs of rental vehicle fleet operators. It provides automated and on-demand location and activity information about rental vehicles, enabling management to make better informed decisions.

Fleet Management Solution

Management of multiple vehicles

Zultrack Fleet Management Solution enables real-time monitoring of vehicles essential to fleet operators who are keen to optimize their resources, enhance their operating efficiency and customer service levels. It is ideal for companies involved in logistics, transportation, delivery / courier services, security / safety operations and the management of multiple vehicles.

Container ST

Global tracking of Containers

ContainerST is the most sophisticated, flexible, advanced and integrated container tracking system available in the world. Leveraging on the experience of designing highly sophisticated vertical solutions, ContainerST combines cellular or satellite / cellular to provide total supply chain catering the challenges of maintaining intermodal cargo security across the globe while providing real-time business process information to all supply chain partners.


  • GPS Tracking of vehicle position & route
  • Direct contact with drivers & operators
  • Check fuel, consumption & theft
  • Time management, driving & works times
  • Security & Satellite Alarm
  • No Go Area Restrictions
  • Real-time performance alerts
  • Door open/close & Low battery

Why Zultrack?

  • Proven field expertise
  • 24/7 customer support
  • On call customer support
  • Precise tracking
  • In case of miss hap urgent assistance
  • Focused and energetic team
  • Qualified engineering and technical team
  • Customer care is first priority

IT Services

  • Technical Design and Implementation
  • IT consultancy
  • Business Process Consultancy
  • Business Change Consultancy
  • Application Design
  • Application Development
  • Database design & Integration
  • GIS Mapping

Our Services

  • Fleet Monitoring
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Driver Evaluation
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Business Verticals
  • Tyre Management
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • RFID based driver identification