Our Lease Guard solution assists in the monitoring and maintenance of leasing vehicles that require some level of extensive portfolio control in order to keep the business going and ensure risks are mitigated to the maximum. The advanced solution has all what a leasing company ever wish to have. The system comprises of GSM/GPRS/GPS controller, internet and mobile based tracking infrastructure, customized reports and GPS Software Application with features that give you maximum control of your vehicles, all in real-time and with guaranteed zero downtime.

How Our Solution Helps You

We have a practical and flexible solution suitable to be utilized on the fleet of any size and any dimensions. The modularized approach is what differentiates this solution from others. Our solution main helps in the following ways!

  • Leased Inventory Control: Provides full control of the leased assets and ensure reminders for lapsed or defaulted lease payments are sent across and starter can be disabled until lease payments are covered in full.
  • Reduced Operational Exp: Monitor and track your assets from web based controls and let us help you to significantly reduce operational expenses
  • Mitigated Risks: Customized reports are designed to provide most important information about driver behavior and compliance policy.
  • Puts You in Control: Provides you with immediate notification of any damage to your assets, scheduled commands help to set best security for your assets. Never has it been easier to digitally control your entire fleet
  • Improve finance portfolio performance

There are huge financial risks involved with leased assets if you are still using manual ways.

Customized Reporting

Efficient reporting mechanism is the key behind proper risk management and same applies to leasing companies. Zultrack Lease guard is scalable to an extent that it allows tailor made reports to be generated in simple clicks. These reports help to reduce risks, identify genuine claims and help the risk managers to ensure assets are safe, running and contributing towards finances as well. Our reports include Weekly History Report, Trip Reports, Idle time Reports, Driver Behavior Reports, Mileage Reports, Alerts report, Usage Reports and many others all generated from servers in real-time.


  • Achieves greater efficiency
  • Analyze Driver Patterns to reduce risks or to impose penalties
  • Access the mileage information to schedule maintenances