Secure Track

Secure Track is an ideal anti-theft and vehicle tracking solution for individuals offering proactive, early warning technologies that allow us to identify potential dangers in the quickest possible time. Based on GPRS / GPS / GSM, Secure Track offers real-time monitoring and quickest possible assistance from our central control room. With advanced features and proprietary technology, Secure Track can pin point the location of a vehicle to closest proximity, not yet achieved with any other hardware.


Features at a glance

  • Enables you to locate your vehicles or loved ones anytime of the day
  • Satellite Tracking with 24X7, 365 days a year assistance through central control room
  • Nationwide coverage in the entire kingdom
  • Geo-Fence configurations – Vehicle does not leave the city without your permission
  • Remote immobilization/engine shut off if required in case of emergency
  • Battery Tamper Alarms
  • Roadside assistance to your GPS co-ordinates
  • Auto-distress call through a touch of button to inform us about any mishap
  • Parallel monitoring through internet
  • Track your vehicle(s) anywhere, anytime with any Smartphone device in real-time