Lease Guard

Zultrack, for the first time in Saudi Arabia, has introduced wide array of Telematic applications catering large base of industrial clients, corporate and fleets. Among these applications, Lease Guardâ„¢ is most critical. Leasing companies invest huge sum of money to provide services to the clients ranging from an individual to corporate. With growth in this segment, there are some problems that keep the leasing company execs up even at night. The most important amongst all is the lack of commitment by some customers to pay the rent and return the asset to the company in timely manner. Not only it requires going through lengthy legal processes but involves a risk of being landed in bad debts. Addition to this is the lack of duty of care by drivers or tenants who sometime happen to be miscreants potentially damaging the asset. Risk mitigation is not guaranteed when there is no way of monitoring large fleet of vehicles dispersed over the entire kingdom. So with all these problems, where does the leasing company stand?

Lease Guardâ„¢ allows you to refocus your resources to concentrate on your core business. It is economical, GPS location based services (LBS) designed to meet the needs of companies involved in offering auto leasing services and interested to achieve higher net profits. Lease Guardâ„¢ provides automated and on-demand location and activity information about leasing vehicles enabling management to make better informed business decisions and motivate high-risk customers to pay in timely manner. In other words it changes the leasing pattern with guaranteed drop in delinquencies and improvements in fleet utilization, revenue security and operating costs.

Features at a glance

  • Locate your entire lease fleet in real-time over GPS / GSM / GPRS Networks
  • Identify non-revenue producing or impounded vehicles
  • Electronic fences to keep vehicles within geographically restricted areas
  • Real-time performance alerts for zone violations, harsh braking, geo-Fence violations, and Low battery etc
  • Remote immobilization of vehicle in case of overdue payments
  • Recovery assistance of vehicles of delinquent accounts
  • Restrict the distance or time that a loaner vehicle/ courtesy vehicle can travel from the dealership (helpful to manage your dealerships)