Rental Guard

Rental Guard is an economical, GPS Location Based Service (LBS) designed to meet the needs of rental vehicle fleet operators. It provides automated and on-demand location and activity information about rental vehicles, enabling management to make better informed decisions

Our solution enables rental fleet operators to implement contract policies, avoid fleet damages, recover vehicles exceeding contract period, invoice for every extra mile, and implement fine patterns for breaking the rules and utilizing each and every vehicle to its max. The solution set includes tools comprising GSM/GPRS/GPS controllers, Sensors, and internet-based tracking and monitoring software. The data from the vehicle is uploaded to our safe servers that provide trend analysis, real-time alerts and tracking information in real-time.

How Our Solution Helps You

The results are improvements in fleet utilization, revenue, security and operating costs


  • Identify non-revenue producing vehicles
  • Identify stationary vehicles
  • Identify impounded vehicles


  • Increase fleet utilization
  • Increase market share
  • Increase cash rental business


  • Reduce losses
  • Reduce time to locate overdue and stolen vehicles
  • Quickly identify non-revenue producing vehicles
  • Reduce impound charges


Features at a glance

  • Nationwide coverage in the kingdom
  • Vehicle Tracking / Monitoring equipment supporting GPS / GPRS / GSM services
  • Round the clock monitoring services with real-time 24/7 support
  • Vehicle odometer to know the accumulated mileage of your vehicles for proper and accurate invoicing
  • No Go Area Restrictions to limit your renters in particular geographical areas
  • Real-time performance alerts for boundary violations and Low battery etc.
  • Provides trip report (beginning / end of drive) and driver performance patterns
  • Provides real time harsh braking and over speeding alerts when a renter exceeds pre-set threshold
  • Remote immobilization in case of overdue or stolen situation
  • Access a vehicles reporting history
  • Reports on stationary assets to utilize them properly
  • Identify vehicles at known locations such as, Dealerships, Impound Yards, and Rental Lots etc.
  • Vehicle route replay facility